India Peace Concert 2018, Fr. Agnel Pilar College

Event Description

Peace vibes will resonate and the gong of peace will echo around the Pilar hillock on December 16, 2018 when Fr. Agnel College of Arts & Commerce in collaboration with Dimensions (Goa & Mumbai) and the Village Panchayats of St Andre Constituency launches the India Peace Concert 2018. The second edition of the India Peace Concert will focus on ‘Being at Peace with Mother Earth.’

One highlight of this Concert is the institution of four Individual National Peace Awards in the following categories:

  • Life Time Achievement Award (Contribution towards Peace through Protection of Human Rights)
  • Outstanding Visionary Award (Contribution towards Peace through Environment protection)
  • Outstanding Visionary Award (Contribution towards Peace through Performing Arts)
  • Outstanding Visionary Award (Contribution towards Peace through Literature)

In addition to this, Grassroot Level Awards have also been initiated where those who are one with nature, those who continue traditional occupations and those who have basically kept their covenant with Mother Earth, will be honored. The organizers have opened the e-portals and nominations in all the above categories are solicited from the public. Kindly read and fill the nomination form provided and send the same along with supporting documents on or before Thursday, 6th December, 2018 at [email protected] or send hard copy to the following address: The Convenor, National Peace Awards-2018, C/o Fr. Agnel College of Arts and Commerce, Pilar- Goa. The award comprises of a Trophy, Gold Medal and Certificate.

The other highlights of the India Peace Concert 2018 are star performances by Cielda Pereira, the first winner of Goencho Avaz; Vezalu Ringa from Nagaland and former Voice of the North East and Melvyn Noronha an international fashion designer of National costumes. The Concert is also a Peace Leadership venture for the students who collaborate with performers from Carmel College of Arts and Science, Nuvem; Government College, Sanquelim and Fr. Agnel Central School, Pilar.

We believe that “The earth has music for those who listen.”(George Santayana) and despite the chaos that exists today, despite the storms that rage – there is melody and there are vibes of peace and harmonious co-existence that will resonate and heal.