• All admissions are valid only for a year and are therefore to be renewed for each  subsequent year of study.
  • The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to a student whose past academic record and conduct were considered unsatisfactory.
  • Students coming from other college should contact the College Office with the admission form duly completed together with a no objection certificate, transferance certificate and the student's registration card from the Principal of the College they were studying in the past.
  • Students seeking admission to the FY/SY/TY classes and passing HSSCE/FY/SY/ from the Boards/Universities other than Goa, have to produce a provisional  statement of eligibility issued by the Goa University. No Student will be admitted unless this is produced at the time of admission.
  • Last day of admission to FY/SY/TY classes is 15th July of the year.

Admission Procedure