Through quality higher education to all, including the socially, economically and academically challenged students and through honest toil, building successful citizens in all walks of life who will sustain the ethos of our great country through imbibed values of truth, love and justice for all.



To provide a holistic educational environment to young men and women particularly the marginalized sections of society, empowering them to become leaders in all walks of life, and instruments of social change, leading to enrichment of the community, region and country.


Core values:

Academic excellence; honesty and integrity; pursuit of truth and social justice; respect for diversity; care for environment; conservation of heritage; love for the nation; professional success.


  • To impart higher education without discrimination.
  • To provide a teaching-learning-research environment that builds global competency and enables attainment of personal and collective goals.
  • To inculcate in students the value of hard work as a stepping stone to success.
  • To develop in students critical and free thinking, creativity, and a scientific temper.
  • To enrich in young men and women the values of truth, love, justice for all, and love for the nation.
  • To respond responsibly and work scientifically in conserving environment and heritage.
  • To foster entrepreneurial capacities and opportunities.
  • To make students, independent, compassionate human beings, and accountable ambassadors, through emphasis on academic excellence, value education, community outreach and social initiatives.


Organizational Chart: Link

Citizen Charter: Please refer to Manual no.15.

Quality Policy: Link

Office: 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. For Public: 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Library: 8.15 a.m. to 4.15 p.m.

Address: Pilar, Tiswadi, Goa - 403 203


Grievance Redressal Mechanism:

Students, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff, and other stakeholders have direct access to the Principal to get their grievances addressed.  In addition, the College has two committees specially formed to address grievances. While one committee is mandated to mitigate examination related grievances (as per guidelines of Goa University), the other looks after non-examination related grievances of students. Additionally, the students also have the option of dropping their grievances (in written/printed form) in a sealed ‘Box’ kept in a central location, which then periodically is opened, with the concerns then addressed by the Principal.



Fr. Agnel College of Arts & Commerce, Pilar- Goa, was established in June 1991 by the Xaverian Educational Society, Pilar, which belongs to the Society of the Missionaries of St. Francis Xavier, commonly known as the Society of Pilar. The College is a minority institution founded under the provision of Article 30 of the Indian Constitution, and is affiliated to Goa University. Notwithstanding its vision of providing quality higher education to all, especially the marginalized, the institution has marched ahead attaining an ‘A’ Grade by NAAC in the second cycle of re-accreditation and is endeavouring to climb the ladder to higher excellence through continuous and sustained quality enhancement.

Fr. Agnel College has to its credit many achievements not only in academics but also in sports, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, having topped in a number of inter-collegiate events at the State and National level. The homely atmosphere and value based education with its core values of faith in God and pursuit of excellence through honest toil has meant that the number of students in the College has continually shown an upward trend.  It is worth mentioning that we have students from other States and Countries as well that seek admission in the College. Through holistic education coupled with sound mentoring, the students are guided to take informed decisions, discern right from wrong, and above all, contribute to building a just society and to nation building.


The College offers three under-graduate degree programmes (two aided: Commerce and Arts; one self-financed: Computer Applications) and one Research Centre (PhD degree) in Commerce. The College also has a Study Centre of IGNOU through which it offers degree programmes, Diplomas and Certificate Courses, including M.Com, B.A, B.Com and B.P.P.


History; Economics; Sociology; Political Science; Hindi; Konkani; Commerce; Business Law; Mathematics; Information Technology; Computer Applications; Physical Education; Research Centre (Commerce).


Principal, Dr. Savio P. Falleiro: He is responsible for overall management, day to day functioning and for all actions / activities taken by / on behalf of the College. Actively collaborates with the Management in taking policy decisions for the College.

Vice Principal, Dr. Fr. Fredrick Roman Urban Rodrigues: Assists the Principal and acts on his behalf in his absence.

Librarian, Mr. Milind C. Mhamal: Overall in-charge of the Library; responsible for provision of facilities, purchase of books and conduct of activities/initiatives involving the Library.

Library Attendant, Ms. Lucy Lopes: Assists the Librarian in library work.

Library Attendant, Ms. Pratiksha Malik: Assists Librarian in library work.

Library Attendant, Mr. Sameer Salelkar: Assists librarian in library work.

Head Clerk, Mr. Juliao L. A. Vas: Responsible for overall office administration of the College.

UDC (Accounts), Mr. Vasudev D. Gauns: Responsible for disbursal of salaries & other payments and GPF related matters.

UDC (Accounts), Ms. Lizette E. Fernandes e Pereira: Maintaining all records pertaining to receipts and expenditures and assisting in general accounting work.

Junior Stenographer, Ms. Suzan Rodrigues:  Responsible for administrative, accounting related work and foreign students.

LDC (Accounts), Ms. Felia Razia D’Souza: Assists in general accounting work.

LDC, Mr. Caetano Fernandes: Assists Head Clerk in office work and understudy during examinations.


LDC, Ms. Asha G. Naik: Assists Head Clerk in office work and responsible for student scholarships ...


LDC, Mr. Supresh A. Kharbe: Assists Head Clerk in office work and responsible for all work related to digital media (emails, website, etc.), designing, and printing (magazine, certificates, posters, invitations and happenings) and photography of college events and functions.


LDC Examination, Ms. Sumedha Hadkonkar: Responsible for exam related work...


Attendant Examination, Ms. Nafisha Lopes: Assists in exam related work.


Peon (MTS), Mr. Nagraj Rangamallu: Multi-tasking jobs as required. 

Peon (MTS), Mr. Sushant Kalangutkar: Multi-tasking jobs as required.

Peon (MTS), Mr. Sameer V. Kundaikar: Multi-tasking jobs as required.


Gymkhana Peon (MTS), Mr. Mohan Gauns: Assists in all sports and physical education work.


Gardener, Mr. K. J. Francis Xavier: Maintaining the college garden.


Watchman, Mr. Jose E. Palha:  Monitoring the entry of the students and of visitors; maintaining visitors register, patrolling the campus, ensuring that the college classrooms are locked before leaving.


Night watchman, Mr. Kashinath Naik


Night Watchman, Hemant Gauns


Sweepers, Ms. Vijaya Naik, General cleanliness of college premises.

                   Ms. Sanjana Naik: General cleanliness of college premises.

Decision making processes are as per norms outlined by various statutory bodies and the Management. Day to day and academic related decisions are taken by the College Principal after duly consulting/informing various stakeholders.

All statutory committees function as per given norms. Non-statutory committees function on the basis of duties assigned by the Principal, and within the time frame allotted.

All functions are discharged as per guidelines issued by various statutory bodies like the DHE, UGC, Goa University and others. Ordinances, Statutes, Orders, Notifications, Instructions and manuals are made available on notice boards and library. A special committee list has also been prepared to assist in the discharge of functions pertaining to various committees and cells.

Audited statement of accounts, Certificate of 2(f) and 12(B), affiliation letters of Goa University, Minority status of the College, approvals of appointments of teachers / non-teaching staff (Goa University and DHE), etc.

Direct / indirect participation / representation occurs through conduct of various extension and outreach programmes; through meetings of the IQAC and LMC (where select individuals from outside the College are incorporated as members); during interaction with parents; during Alumni meetings; and through individual interactions with experts/employers/ industrial representatives, etc. Policy formulation takes place through interactions with all stakeholders including members of the local government bodies.

(A.Y. 2019-20) Local Managing Committee

Sr. No. Name of Staff Post
1 Rev. Fr. Mateus Fernandes Chairman, Xaverian Educational Society (XES)
2 Prof. Savio P. Falleiro Principal (Covenor)
3 Rev. Fr. Santosh D'Souza Provincial Treasurer (XES)
4 Dr. Fr. Fredrick Rodrigues Vice Principal (Secretary)
5 Ms. Loren Diniz Teaching Staff-Academic Coordinator
6 Dr. Anthony D’Souza Teaching Staff Non-academic Coordinator
7 Ms. Soraya Rebello Teaching Staff
8 Mr. Roy Gomes Teaching Staff
09 Ms.Roshan Shetgaonkar Office Staff
10 Ms.Pelagia Raposo Parent
Sr. No. Name of Staff Post
1 Prof. Savio P. Falleiro Principal (Convenor) / Chairman
2 Rev. Fr. Mateus Fernandes Chairman, Xaverian Educational Society (Management)
3 Rev. Fr. Santosh D'Souza Management
4 Dr. Fr.Fredrick Rodrigues Vice Principal
5 Mr. Pradip P. Costa Industry/expert
6 Mr. Mohan Dhond Community representative
7 Mr. Michael Dias Alumni representative
8 Ms. Pelagia Raposo Parent representative
9 Mr. Sairaj Bhat Student representative
10 Dr. Anthony D’Souza Non-academic Coordinator
11 Dr. Reji George Convenor, Examination Committee
12 Mr. Milind Mhamal Librarian
13 Mr. Juliao Vaz Head Clerk
14 Ms. Soraya Rebello Faculty
15 Mr. Roy Gomes Faculty
16 Ms. Maria Da Cruz Faculty
17 Ms. Mini Gangadharan Faculty
18 Dr. Shilpa Desai Faculty
19 Ms. Hazel Colaco Faculty
20 Ms. Loren Diniz Coordinator/Member Secretary
  Head /In-charge of Departments    
Sr. No. Department Name of the HoD
1 Commerce Mr. Ashwin De Souza
2 Economics Dr. Savio da Piedade Falleiro
3 English Ms. Maria P. Da Cruz
4 Hindi Mr. Santosh Arun Chyari
5 Konkani Ms. Rajashree Mahableshwar Sail
6 History Ms. Ana Soraya B. Menezes Sa e Rebelo
7 Political Science Ms. Sonia Xavier
8 Information Technology Dr.  Shilpa Neenad Desai
9 Mathematics Ms. Loren Mergulhao e Diniz
10 Sociology Dr. Maria Vigilante Biula Cruz e Pereira
11 Physical Education/Sports Mr. Agnelo Dias
12 Library Mr. Milind Chandrakant Mhamal
  Examination Committee
Sr. No. Name of the staff Post
1 Dr. Reji George Convenor
2 Ms. Soraya Rebello Member
3 Ms. Eunicia Fernandes Member
4 Ms. Trisha Rodrigues Member
  College Grievance Committee
Sr. No. Name of the staff
1 Dr. Fr. Fredrick Rodrigues Convenor
2 Ms. Loren Diniz Member
3 Ms. Mini Gangadharan Member
College Unfair Means Committee
Sr. No. Name of the staff Post
1 Dr. Anthony D’Souza Convenor
2 Dr. Reji George Member
3 Ms. Soraya Rebello Member
  Internal Complaints Committee
Sr. No. Name of the staff Post
1 Ms. Loren Diniz Presiding Officer
2 Ms. Soraya Rebello
3 Adv. Sanford Facho
4 Adv. Shanti Fonseca (Society/Women representative)
  Anti – Ragging Committee/Squad
Sr. No. Name of the staff Post
1 Dr. Savio P. Falleiro Principal
2 Dr. Fr.Fredrick Rodrigues Vice Principal
3 Ms.Angela Dias
4 Adv. Sanford Facho Convenor
5 PSI Agassiam
6 Dr.Elvis Fernanades Media
7 Mr. Peter Borges NGO
8 Fr.Andrew Silveira Advisor
9 Ms.Pelegia Raposo Parent
10 Ms. Asha G. Naik Non-teaching Staff
11 Ms.Cenika Palha Student-General Secretary
12 Mr. Muttana Karbhar Student – Sports Secretary
13 Ms. Simran Noronha Student – Cultural Secretary
  Note: Besides the above, the College has various other committees, details of which have not been provided herein as they are constituted internally unlike the above, which are mandated by statutory guidelines.  

A.Y. 2019-20. Directory of Employees  :   Teaching

Name Designation
Prof. Savio P. Falleiro Principal
Dr. Fr. Fredrick Rodrigues Vice–Principal
Mr. Agnelo Dias Director of Physical Education
Ms. Anna Soraya Sa e Rebelo Associate Professor
Dr. Maria V. Biula C. e Pereira Associate Professor
Mr. Roy Alvaro Gomes Associate Professor
Ms. Hazel R. Colaco Associate Professor
Mr. Milind Mhamal Librarian
Dr. Reji George Associate Professor
Ms. Loren Diniz Associate Professor
Prof. Anthony Rodrigues Professor
Ms. Mini Gangadharan Associate Professor
Mr. Santosh Chyari Associate Professor
Ms. Rajashree Sail Associate Professor
Ms. Angela Dias e Rodrigues Assistant Professor
Dr. Anthony P. D'Souza Associate Professor
Ms. Reshamkaur A.S. Bhambra Associate Professor
Dr.  Shilpa N. Desai Assistant Professor
Ms. Maria P. Da Cruz Assistant Professor
Mr. Ashwin De Souza Assistant Professor
Ms. Eunicia  Fernandes Assistant Professor
Ms. Carina Vaz Assistant Professor
Ms.Cheryl S. Pinto Assistant Professor
Ms.Anita Fernandes Assistant Professor
Mr. Andrew A. Antao Assistant Professor
Ms. Charmaine Savia S. Lobo Assistant Professor
Fr. Milton Rodrigues Assistant Professor
Ms. Sonia Xavier Assistant Professor
Dr. Murelle M.L. Da Costa Assistant Professor
Ms. Delicia Sharon Pereira Assistant Prof. (Contract )
Ms. Shirlie Camilo Assistant Prof. (Contract )
Mr. Prajyot P. Gaonkar Assistant Prof. (Contract )
Ms. Irene George Counsellor (Contract)
Ms. Grace Jacob Lecture Basis
Ms. Shifra Mascarenhas Lecture Basis
Ms. Gulshan Mullah Lecture Basis
Ms. Ashwani Kavlekar Lecture Basis
Ms. Sharda P. Kaisuvkar Lecture Basis
Mr. Sanford F. Facho Lecture Basis
Ms. D’Cruz Dale G. Antonia Lecture Basis
Mr. Divkar C. Gurav Lecture Basis
Ms. Manisha Manirekar Lecture Basis
Name Designation
Mr. Juliao Vas Head Clerk
Ms. Roshan P. Shetgaonkar Accountant
Mr. Raul Joseph Anthony Braganca System Administrator
Mr. Vasudev D. Gauns U.D.C.
Ms. Lizette E. Fernandes U.D.C.
Ms. Asha G. Naik L.D.C.
Mr. Caetano Fernandes L.D.C.
Mr. Supresh A. Kharbe L.D.C.
Ms. Suzan Rodrigues L.D.C.
Ms. Felia Razia D’Souza L.D.C.
Ms. Pratiksha A. Malik Librarian Grade 1
Ms. Lusy Rodrigues Laboratory Assistant-IT
Mr. Mohan S. Gauns MTS
Mr. K.J. Francis Xavier MTS
Mr. Sushant Kalangutkar MTS
Mr. Nagraj Rangamallu MTS
Mr. Sameer V. Kundaikar MTS
Mr. Jose E. Palha MTS
Ms. Nafisha Lopes Contract basis for Examinations

List of Institutions - Not applicable. List of Students given subsidy/scholarships :

Sr. No Scheme Year No of Students benefited
1 Post Matric Minorities Scholarship 2016-17 18
    2017-18 29
    2018-19 12
    2019-20 13
2 Student Aid Fund 2016-17 43
    2017-18 22
    2018-19 26
    2019-20 19
3 Post Matric ST Students 2016-17 58
    2017-18 98
    2018-19 88
    2019-20 85
4 Gagan Bharari Shiksha Yojana for ST 2016-17 58
    2017-18 98
    2018-19 88
    2019-20 85
5 Merit based cum scholarship 2016-17 30
    2017-18 27
    2018-19 37
    2019-20 28
6 Bursary Scheme 2018-19 01

  1. A) Services rendered to students:





(Timings mentioned are applicable only if the application is complete in all respects


Issue of Identity Cards:

a)    F.Y.


7 to 10 days from last day of admissions

b)   SY / TY

Validity of 1 year

c)    Late admission

As prescribed by Goa University


Issue of duplicate Identity Card

Within 3 working days on payment of Rs.50/-


Issue of Transfer Certificate

Maximum 3 working days


Issue of Character Certificate

Maximum 1 working day


Issue of Bonafide Certificate

Maximum 1 working day


Issue of Attempt Certificate

Maximum 2 working days


Change in subject/stream and subsequent changes in the roll call

Shifting within a day, the changes incorporated within maximum 2 working days (if eligible and possible)


Processing and forwarding for Migration Certificate to Goa University

3 working days


Issue of Tour / Vacation / Concession Forms

Within 2 days


a) Processing application forms for Scholarship / Freeship / Fellowship

Within stipulated time or 2 working days after completion of forms in all details by the students

b) Forwarding application forms for Scholarship / Freeship / Fellowship

Within stipulated time


Declaring the results of F.Y. and S.Y.

Generally within a month after the completion of the last paper


Issue of marksheet (first time)

Same day on the declaration of results


Issue of duplicate marksheets

Within 3 working days


Verification of marks of FY and SY

Ten days from the declaration of results on payment of the stipulated fee


Issue of hall tickets of T.Y.

2 working days on receipt from Goa University


Issue of duplicate fee receipt

2 working days of submitting the application form


Issue of Leaving Certificate

Maximum 3 working days


SMS Portal

Every month


  1. B) In House Services Rendered to Public:





(Timings mentioned are applicable only if the application is complete in all respects


Provision of information to public under Right to Information Act 2005 disclosure subject to sections 8/9 of the Act

·      Maximum period of 30 days for compliance.

·      A maximum period of 40 days for compliance where third party interests are involved.

·      Within 48 hours of the receipt of the request when the information sought for concerns the life and liberty of a person.


Provision for seeking information from Appellate authority in case the request for information is turned down by PIO

A maximum period of 30 days extended to 45 days to give the decision by Appellate Authority.


  1. C) In House Services Rendered to Staff:





(Timings mentioned are applicable only if the application is complete in all respects


Forwarding of letters / applications / documents to other agencies

Maximum two days on submission


Issue of salary certificate / experience certificate

Maximum two days on submission of application


Issue of letters / circulars / documents received from external agencies

Maximum one day after the Principal puts remarks / comments


Payment of initial advance / settlement of Medical reimbursements

Within two days on receipt of grants from DHE


Issue of Earned Leave / Commuted Leave orders

Within two days on receipt from the management (DSE)


Dr. Savio P. Falleiro – First Appellate Authority 0832-2218673 Principal 9422060384 Dr. Fredrick Rodrigues – Public Information Officer 0832-2218673 Vice Principal 9822177441 Mr. Juliao L. A. Vas – Assistant Public Information Officer 0832-2218673 Head Clerk 9850935671

“Fr Agnel College of Arts & Commerce is committed to fulfilling its mission, vision and objectives, endeavouring to climb the ladder of excellence through continuous quality enhancement initiatives. Through the pursuit of academic excellence, skill development, community outreach, entrepreneurial drive and value education, sustained by improved teaching-learning-evaluation mechanisms, new technology, exemplary standards of governance and accountability, the college endeavours to mould globally competent and empowered students committed to achieve personal as well as collective goals, thereby being worthy instruments in nation building”.